Huracan NanoWave Mask – Adult – Turquoise


Fully improved

Fully reusable for 30 days

Five-layered filter

Hand washable

Breathe easy – air filtration system

Proprietary nose clip with secure ear bands, provides a more contoured fit

The Nano Wave V2 consists of an outer and inner layer of special proprietary housing construct. This provides increased filtration and enhances the contour fit. The improved design aims to provide maximum protection and durability. This mask has thirty uses. The Nano Wave V2 is hand washable and will serve as a cost-effective method in efforts to self-protect. The Nano Wave V2 has been designed to provide all the benefits of version one whilst encapsulating evolution in every way.


Nano Wave V2 triple-layered Filter consists of

  1. 2 x 30gsm melt blown, non-woven filters
  2. 2 x PM2.5 filters
  3. 1 x Activated charcoal filter


Our state of the art “Breathe-Easy” air filtration system has been designed to improve airflow. The improved airflow provides a cooling effect which allows for extended use of the mask without increased body temperatures.


Should this item not be in stock at the time of ordering, the item will be ordered from the supplier and delivery confirmed with the client.

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